Features of Sport Gear-Hydration Bladder

  1. Food grade TPU is safe, environmentally friendly, BPA free. Combined with soft materials, it not only has a comfortable touch, but is also hard and not easy to scratch. The double-sided thickening ensures that there will be no water leakage.
  2. The large opening at the top is convenient for pouring water and ice cubes. It can be cleaned directly or turning it inside out. The sealing layer and blocking cloth ensure that the seal is not leaking, and the handle is convenient to carry.
  3. Drinking water bag weight: Full water weight: The thin bag body with no bottle cap is foldable, which not only saves space, but also meets the filling of more than 2L of sufficient water. Pack stability is good at high speed.
  4. The 1m long tube with a soft mouthpiece is convenient for drinking during exercise. Pull down in the direction of ON for easy drinking. Press in the OFF direction to avoid the trouble of water leakage. Dust cover to ensure drinking water sanitation. 
  5. 3 times softer than general TPU material. Large opening and foldable, saving storage space and weight. Very suitable for outdoor activities:running, camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, surfing. Suit for running, training, survive in the wild. It can give you a convenient and healthy drinking water environment.