Features of Seakayak Paddle- SKR-III (Carbon)

  1. 100% carbon fiber blade, made by hand lay-up molding. Blade edge is reinforced with carbon filament. More resistant to collisions. And it will not swell under the sun.
  2. Asymmetrical blade shape gives you smooth and stable paddling, the tilted angle makes the pressure on the blade surface area is more uniform when the paddle blade entering into the water.
  3. The ultra-stiff carbon blade saves weight and offers high performance. The blade is relatively narrow shape, require less force. Suitable for long distance paddling, enhancing efficiency and reducing fatigue. 
  4. The shaft is made of 100% Toray carbon fiber filament by dry winding. Available in 3 stiffness for straight shaft, oval grip shape for better hand feeling during paddling.
  5. 2-piece seakayak paddle with aluminum/plastic ferrule (10cm length extend), the ferrule allows blades feathered or unfeathered. Feathered blades are not parallel to each other, but rather at an angle (generally 30° or 45°). This makes the blades more efficient as they cut through the wind. Recommended for experienced users without joint pain.
  6. Paddle length is measured along the shaft (+/-5mm error), not the max distance from 2 blade tips.
  7. Suitable for low angle paddling style. For relaxed, recreational or touring kayaking.