Features of SUP Paddle (Vibe)

  1. Design for Race: The V-shaped rib strengthens the blade and faster the water cutting through. The concave surface formed in the V helps guide the water flow through the blades, control the swing and increase the water flow speed. It is more efficient when moving straight forward and is suitable for long-term travel and competitions.
  2. The paddle is made by hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine. This process allows us to perfect the weight, size, and blade thickness.  
  3. The palm handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and provide a secure grip.
  4. Reinforced blade edge with carbon filament , which is more resistant to collisions.
  5. Unassembled when packing. it is in 3 separated parts, to help save the shipping fees and avoid damage.
  6. Shaft Difference: 
  • 3-pieces Adjustable: 3K prepreg carbon shaft with V spring, vdouble clamp, adjustable handle. Approx 560g (19.8oz). 172-220cm Adjustable
  • 1-piece Fixed Tapered: High modulus carbon fiber tapered shaft. The upper part is round, the lower part near the blade is oval. Approx 395g (13.9 oz).
  • 1-piece Fixed Round: 3K prepreg carbon round shaft.  Approx 500g (17.6oz).