ZJ Hybrid Outrigger Canoe Paddle for Va'a, Waka-ama, Vaka with Anti Skid Grip (HCOC)

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Z&J SPORT Outrigger Canoe Paddle
Material Wood Shaft Carbon Blade
Weight approx 500g (17.6oz)
Length 44"-53" Optional
Shaft Oval
Blade Size 115/ 118/ 120 sq.in
Match Antiskid Grip Wrap


  1. Process: The waka ama (Vaā€™a) paddle is made by hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine.Ā This process allows us to perfect the weight, size, and blade thickness.Ā Ā 
  2. Material: Handcrafted wood shaftĀ reinforced with fiberglass, made of walnut, autumn wood and white pine.Ā Stronger than normal wood shaft. Carbon blade.Ā 
  3. Optimum Angle: 12Ā°between the blade and shaftĀ helpsĀ you save energy.Ā And the blade with reverse waterline is suitable for open water cruising flat water cruising and long paddling distances.Ā 
  4. Shaft: Upper bent shaftĀ allows the blade to keep vertical for a longer portion of the stroke. It makes available power be greatest and moves more water with less effort.
  5. Ergonomic: T-handle, the ovalĀ shaftĀ grip part and antiskid grip wrapĀ make it easier to graspĀ and maximizeĀ your strengthĀ during paddling .
  6. Blade: Reinforced classical water-drop shapeĀ blade edge with carbon filament and thickened carbon fiber on the joint between shaft and blade. More resistant to collisions.Ā Ā 

āš ļøAttention

1. NormallyĀ orderĀ for basic paddles and accessories will be shipped within 1 week, for customized paddles will be shipped within 1 -Ā 2Ā weeksĀ uponĀ receipt of the payment.

2.Ā Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5 mm more orĀ less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering.Ā Ā 

3.Ā All importing fees caused (tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyerā€™s cost. PleaseĀ kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused.

Thanks for your kindly understanding!

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