ZJ 1-Piece SUP Paddle Lightweight Carbon Race Carbon Stand up Paddle Tapered Shaft Blade with Slit (unassembled)

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Z&J SPORT 1-Piece SUP Paddle (Vibe)
Material Carbon Fiber
Weight approx 380g (13.4oz)
Shaft Tapered (1-piece)
Blade Patented Cut Technology
Blade Size 15.7cm*43cm, 82sq.in
Blade Angle 10°
Type Race/ Long-distance
Packing 3 separated parts 



  1. Design for Race: The V-shaped rib strengthens the blade and faster the water cutting through. The concave surface formed in the V helps guide the water flow through the blades, control the swing and increase the water flow speed. It is more efficient when moving straight forward and is suitable for long-term travel and competitions.
  2. High Modulus Carbon Fiber: Made of 100% high modulus carbon fiber. 
  3. Ultra Light: The whole paddle is approx 380g after cut to length.
  4. Handle: Palm handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and provide a secure grip.
  5. Process: The paddle is made by hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine. This process allows us to perfect the weight, size, and blade thickness.
  6. Packing: Unassembled. it is in 3 separated parts (blade+shaft+handle), to help save the shipping fees and avoid damage.
  7. Patented Cut Technology-World Rowing & International Canoe Federation approved  

         Principle: High-pressure water created on the front of the blade during a stroke escapes round the edges (backflow) to fill the low pressure area at the back.  The cuts allow some high pressure water to squeeze through the blade.  As it does so, it loses energy and becomes low-pressure water. This maintains the driving force of the blade while creating a softer catch and more stable stroke.

         Function: by meticulously placing angled cuts or slits through the face of the blade.

  • LESS STRESS– the progressive power curve, results in significantly less physiological stress in shoulder and back, less possibility of muscle strain, enabling maximum enjoyment and shorter recovery time.
  • NO LOSS OF PERFORMANCE– there is no loss of power or performance from the blade, enabling their owners to maximize performance more than ever before with less risk of fatigue and injury.
  • SOFTER CATCH– the progressive power curve, provides a softer and smoother catch, maintaining good acceleration and is easier to keep the blade locked on through to the finish.
  • MORE GRIP– The cuts grip the water more easily, provide greater control and improve stability in the paddling stroke.
  • CLEAN FINISH– maintaining the high/low pressure differential gives a cleaner extraction at the finish.Fixed length and adjustable shaft are offered.  


1. Normally order for basic paddles and accessories will be shipped within 1 week, for customized paddles will be shipped within 1 - 2 weeks upon receipt of the payment.

2. Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5 mm more or less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering.  

3. All importing fees caused (tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyer’s cost. Please kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused.

Thanks for your kindly understanding!

❓how to choose

SUP Paddle Length Tips:

Flat Water Paddling: 8-10" taller than your height.

Surfing or Whitewater River Running: 4-8" taller than your height.

Large blades: 90-100 sq. in. Generate more power but need more power to paddle; Best for larger strong paddlers; Best for well-conditioned paddlers on fast boards; Less strokes per minute.

Small blades: 70-87 sq. in. Easier on all the joints and muscles; Best for a quick cadence; Best for dynamic turns; Best for smaller paddlers; Best if you have shoulder problems; More strokes per minute with less energy per stroke.

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