ZJ Dragon Boat Paddle Full Carbon Fiber IDBF Approved Paddle with Dihedral Blade (STORM, Adjustable Optional)

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Z&J SPORT Dragon Boat Paddle (STORM)
Material Carbon Fiber
Weight approx 360g (12.7oz)
IDBF NO. 3264
Blade Size 48cm*18cm    
Blade  Dihedral Blade
Shaft  Bottom part is oval.
Handle DP-1/DT-2/DT-3
Length 44"-52" Optional
Adjustable 110-132cm
Match Antiskid Grip Wrap


  1. IDBF approved dragon boat paddle. IDBF No.3264.
  2. Made by hand laying-up, with PMI foam inside, shaped by CNC machine. This process allows us to perfect the weight, size, and blade thickness.  
  3. We use higher process difficulty to keep the paddle in one piece between the shaft and blade. No gap junction. More aesthetic and solid.
  4. Full carbon fiber dragon boat paddle is more lightweight but also solid.
  5. The handle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably and provide a secure grip.
  6. The bottom grip part is near the blade is oval, providing comfort during use. Match with antiskid grip wrap.
  7. Reinforced blade edge with carbon filament, which is more resistant to collisions.
  8. Dihedral blade: Low water resistance, save physical strength, the waterline divides the flow to get a higher paddle frequency, suitable for accelerating sprint.                      


1. Normally order for basic paddles and accessories will be shipped within 1 week, for customized paddles will be shipped within 1 - 2 weeks upon receipt of the payment.

2. Please kindly note that all the sizes indicated are manual measured, there may be 5 mm more or less. If you prefer highly of the exactness, please kindly consider it before ordering.  

3. All importing fees caused (tax, duties, etc.) will be at buyer’s cost. Please kindly note that we will not be responsible for any import fees if caused.

Thanks for your kindly understanding!

❓how to choose

 Do a sitting test:

Sit on a flat surface and stand your paddle up next to you, blade down. If you can reach up and grab the handle, this might be a good paddle length for you. 

Do a standing test:

Stand on a flat surface and stand your paddle up next to you, blade down. If you can fit at least three fingers between the handle and your armpit, this might be a good paddle length for you. 

Do a real test:

To truly find the right paddle, you have to add water! With that in mind, the easiest way to determine your ideal paddle size is to use paddles of different lengths for a few minutes at a time during practice. Simply swap paddles with your teammates and see what length works best for you.

📷Real Shoot