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ZJ Whitewater Kayaking Paddle Translucent Fiberglass Blade with Slit and Carbon Shaft

ZJ Whitewater Kayaking Paddle Translucent Fiberglass Blade with Slit and Carbon Shaft

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  • Brand Z&J SPORT Country China


    Carbon, Translucent Fiberglass


    Paddle (S Blade):


    Paddle (L Blade):



    Aluminum alloy

    Outer diameter

    31 mm


    S: 20cm*48cm,720cm²             L: 20*48cm,728cm²

    Blade Color:  Green


    Straight Shaft: 190cm/191cm/192cm/193cm/194cm/195cm/196cm/197cm/198cm/ 199cm/200cm/201cm/202cm

    Cranked Shaft:

    196cm/197cm/198cm/ 199cm/200cm/201cm/202cm

    Note  The middle tube is only for connection.
    Link Note  "leave us message" button means choose it firstly and check out normally. Just leave the note for which length. Or we will contact you for detail choose.
  • Patented Cut Technology                                                                                                 -World Rowing & International Canoe Federation Approved


     High-pressure water created on the front of the blade during a stroke escapes round the edges (backflow) to fill the low pressure area at the back.  The cuts allow some high pressure water to squeeze through the blade.  As it does so, it loses energy and becomes low-pressure water. This maintains the driving force of the blade while creating a softer catch and more stable stroke.


    By meticulously placing angled cuts or slits through the face of the blade.

    1. LESS STRESS – the progressive power curve, results in significantly less physiological stress in shoulder and back, less possibility of muscle strain, enabling maximum enjoyment and shorter recovery time.

    2. NO LOSS OF PERFORMANCE – there is no loss of power or performance from the blade, enabling their owners to maximize performance more than ever before with less risk of fatigue and injury.

     3. SOFTER CATCH – the progressive power curve, provides a softer and smoother catch, maintaining good acceleration and is easier to keep the blade locked on through to the finish.

    4. MORE GRIP – The cuts grip the water more easily, provide greater control and improve stability in the paddling stroke.

    5. CLEAN FINISH – maintaining the high/low pressure differential gives a cleaner extraction at the finish.

  • Want to have a better experience in the whitewater Use ZJ's paddle!

    The optimum sized blade help provide the right amount of power, so that you will not be too tired during paddling, and it is suitable for most paddlers. The solid translucent fiberglass blade has extremely high impact strength and good durability. No matter what technique you play in your journey, our whitewater paddle can make full use of its strength and reliability. We want you to believe that going faster doesn't mean needing to worry about your paddle. Also, the colored blades could help improve your safety. And the economical price is very suitable for beginners, training and renting.
    The classical straight shaft is made of 100% carbon fiber prepreg. The corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy adjuster is used to connect the two paddle parts (not for length extend), making it easier to shipping, store and trip with.
    ZJ's goal is bringing you a better whitewater paddle at a reasonable price. Don't hesitate too long-ZJ Paddle is the optimal choice for paddlers!

  • 1. The solid translucent fiberglass blade has extremely high impact resistance.
    2. The marked colors guarantee your safety to a greater extent. And the economical price is very suitable for beginners.
    3. Prepreg Carbon Fiber Shaft.
    4. ZJ's Whitewater Paddles are designed for extreme white water and river running.
    5. The large blade area produces the power to catch the waves, which is popular among paddlers.
    6. The hard anodizing anti-corrosion aluminum alloy clamp is used to connect the 2-pieces paddles instead of length extend, paddle in 2 parts is much easier to take and trip with.
    7. FREE black bag for the paddle.

  • A whitewater paddle needs to be strong, durable and performance oriented.

    *Blade Size

    Most smaller stature paddlers will select midsize or smaller blade shapes, depending on fitness level and application as to not become worn out or injured. Larger Stature paddlers may want a midsize or full blade. Larger blades work more but provide more power and stability, are often used by creek boaters. Most river runners select to midsize blades to maximize efficiency.


    Aluminum: Heavy, Hard on your hands, flexible, Lower Price Point

    Fiberglass: Low Swing Weight, Rigid, Moderate/High Price Point

    Carbon Fiber: Lowest Swing Weight, Most Rigid, High Price Point

    *Paddle Length

    When selecting the proper length for your paddle you need to take many things into consideration:

    a. Paddler Height  b. Boat Width  c. Paddling Style

    ZJ Whitewater Paddle Sizing Chart

    Paddler Height

    Paddle Length

    4’8”-5’2” (142-157 cm)

    191 cm

    5’2”-5’8” (157-173 cm)

    194 cm

    5’8”-6’ (173-183 cm)

    197 cm

    6’-6’3” (183-191 cm)

    200 cm

    6’3” and Taller

    203 cm

    ##Paddling style as it applies to length in whitewater is more about the cadence your prefer to paddle. In the more dynamic environments like the river or the surf some folks prefer to use a shorter paddle that will be better suited for a higher stroke rate, thus keeping the blades in the water for more time giving you even more control.

    * Straight Shaft vs Bent Shaft

    This decision is based entirely in the realm of ergonomics and good technique. In our opinion there is no performance advantage gained when using a bent shaft paddle. The Bent shaft acts to help you keep your wrist inline throughout the various strokes. For paddlers who spend a lot of time in their boat this is definitely a worthwhile investment to protect the wrists.

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