IDBF Approved Dragon Boat Paddle Thickness

IDBF Approved Dragon Boat Paddle Thickness

The current dragon boat market is relatively chaotic. some brand even don't have official IDBF certification qualifications at all, they just use the manufacturer's IDBF license, print their brand and sell them.

IDBF has clear regulations on the carbon dragon boat paddle blade's thickness : the blade edge thickness should be min 4mm between 10mm and 360mm from the blade tip. unfortunately that some manufacturers reduce raw material on paddle blade construction in order to make lightweight, a lot of carbon dragon boat paddles in current market is of very thin thickness, less than 4mm, do not meet the IDBF requirements at all. Although these carbon dragon boat paddles have IDBF label.

We sincerely recommend that pls kindly measure the thickness of your paddle blade to check whether it is 4mm thickness and indeed IDBF approved.



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