What Should I Wear When Paddling?

What Should I Wear When Paddling?

For those who love water sports, the cold weather is no longer an excuse to stay at home. But wearing it at the right time will make your water trip more handy.

  • How to wear paddle in summer?

For most people, a paddle board trip in summer is definitely a perfect experience. Whether you're a SUP beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, we've put together a summary to help you dress like a pro.

Sports swimsuit

When paddling, your focus is more on the motion of the paddle and the direction the paddle is going. Apart from that, the choice of swimwear is also something you need to pay attention to. Sporty swimsuits feature UV protection and quick-drying technology, plus a great fit to help you move more freely. That's why sports swimwear designed for swimming and surfing is your ideal choice.

Sun protection clothing

When you alternate between paddling and surfing in calmer waters, sun protection clothing not only protects your skin from UV rays, but also protects your skin from the wear and tear of the board.


We know this isn't strictly speaking clothing, but we feel it's our duty to tell you to put on sunscreen before you're going to use your SUP. This will give you extra peace of mind.


A hat may be a personal preference, but when paddling long distances in the sun, a hat may be a better way to cover your cheeks and keep your head cool. Make sure the hat fits the circumference of your head and won't be blown away by the wind.

Polarized sunglasses

There is a big difference between polarized and polarized sunglasses. When the sun reflects off the water, it's easy to distract you. Polarized sunglasses help eliminate glare so you can see clearly without distractions. Therefore, polarized sunglasses are essential.

Wade Shoes

In most cases, you can paddle without shoes. But if you're paddling in backwaters or where there's bushes and debris, it's a good idea to have a pair of wading shoes on hand. When choosing wading shoes, choose rubber soles, which create more friction on the paddle board.

  • What should I wear for paddling in spring and autumn?

If you know exactly how to dress in summer, spring and fall, all you have to do is round up some summer essentials and get paddling.

The Right Fabric

In spring and autumn, when you first enter the water, it may feel a little cold. Wear absorbent fabrics or fleeces that dry quickly and regulate body temperature as the weather changes. Note that cotton is not in our consideration because when cotton gets wet, it gets soggy and does nothing to help regulate body temperature.

Trench coa

The sudden gust of wind brings cold to people. You are vulnerable to these winds when paddling in fall and spring (especially in coastal waters). A windbreaker is the ideal top to protect you from the cold, it's lighter than a normal coat and won't weigh you down.

Rubber boots

When the water floods the paddle board, the feet feel the cold shiver even more. And rubber booties are a great option to help keep your feet warm and dry.

  • How to wear paddle in winter?

If you're researching what to wear for paddling in winter, take a look at our recommendations. We want to make sure you can handle the conditions when paddling in winter.


The right choice when wearing a wetsuit when the temperature plummets. Wetsuits designed for cold-weather surfing work well for stand-up paddling and paddle boarding. A well-fitting wetsuit can help you maintain your body temperature without compromising your range of motion.

water proof coat

If wetsuits aren't your thing, consider opting for a warm and waterproof jacket. Whether it's paddle board fishing or paddle board surfing, outdoor enthusiasts need shelter from wind and rain in inclement weather.

Rubber boots

No matter what activity you do, your feet can get wet, so rubber booties can help keep your feet dry and not bulky while paddling.

Rubber gloves

Cold air dries out your skin, and there's nothing worse than cracking your knuckles. Rubber gloves keep your hands warm so you can easily grip the paddle and keep your pace.

No matter the season, wearing the right clothing when paddling is essential to your SUP experience.

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